A Movie like Capri Elopement

Okay, Get out your tissues, we have another candidate for the best story about marriage proposals ever!

It’s hard not to rave about the sweetness of Jennifer & Jack’s engagement story without revealing it completely, but we’re going to prepare it with a little film debut. Jack visited the family in South Carolina and was ready to make a proposal to Jennifer with the ready-made Plan. But, of course, as they do, other family surprises got in the way. With failed attempt after failed attempt, the groom-to-be was forced to present his proposal for another trip when the Bicoastal couple broke up…

We will leave the rest of the story of the request in the hands of our dear couple, but it is not only their commitment that has been Kinogold! In a truly dramatic form, Jack and Jennifer head to the cliffs of Capri for their breathtaking escape. With a filmy view of the Mediterranean and a mandatory cruise along the Amalfi coast, we offer this wedding 100% red tomatoes.

The Dress And The Clothes

They say that a bride should list her top three priorities when it comes to planning a wedding, and one of them was definitely the dress for me. I wanted something timeless, classic, elegant and surprisingly, I found it quite quickly. My third stop for shopping was Hayden Olivia Bridal in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the dress I chose was one of the first ones I tried on there. It was part of a trunk show that took place within 24 hours, so I didn’t have to decide for a long time. It was a pretty simple decision, because I couldn’t stop thinking about it after leaving the store. Now that everything is said and done, I am 100,000% sure that I have chosen the right one. My dress was the “Candice” Design By Anne Barge. My husband also kept it classic and wore a black Tuxedo from Brooks Brothers.

Favorite moments

Our vows were made on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at the Caesar Augustus Hotel. We had a string quartet, and the hotel offered a fresh seafood arrangement, delicious appetizers and festive champagne that we could appreciate once we walked down the aisle as husband and wife. It was awesome.

We will never forget walking through Capri, Italy, and feeling like movie stars for the day. Everywhere we went, we were stopped and praised by the locals. Then a boat trip around the island was on our list. That was probably my favorite part of the day. By that time we had taken all the important photos and we could just relax and see the island by boat. Back at the hotel, we enjoyed an devoted dinner in a private and cavernous setting at the hotel overlooking the ocean. It was a day we will never forget.


After our wedding, we spent two days at the Caesar Augustus Hotel (where we got married) before leaving for Florence for six days. We stayed at the NH Collection Firenze Porta Rossa and enjoyed city tours as well as plonk tastings in Tuscany. Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, I recommend it for your honeymoon.

Tips for other couples

When I planned my wedding, I first chose the three most important things that were most important to me and I took care of them first. For me, the place was, dress and photos. Even if these are not in your Top three, you will definitely want to book them in advance. Probably not a bad idea to book your hair and makeup stylists early too. I only ordered my bouquet at the last Minute and, as important as it was for me, I sent about 4 to 5 different styles and colors that I liked to the florist and I left it to them to surprise me. It was beautiful! If you trust your florist, I highly recommend it.

If you are thinking of leaving, stop by immediately and contact our photographer Rochelle Cheever. She specializes in Elopements and small weddings. Not only did she take the most stunning photos of our day, but she also helped me plan the chronology of the day, which would make it possible to take the best photos. She knew Capri, Italy, like the back of her hand and could show us where to go after the ceremony. She’s awesome!

Even if you are planning to get married in Capri, Italy, stop now and contact The Caesar Augustus Hotel. They have been more than helpful. They take care of everything from an English-speaking official to flowers for the ceremony and dinner, aperitifs and drinks, cake, pressing your dress and getting ready for the day and literally everything you need. The hotel is also located on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. There are several excellent places to offer them for ceremonies.