Breathtaking Traditional Amalfi Coast Wedding

If you are a bride, groom, or wedding professional who is hanging out with bridal dreams, chances are you like romance, right? Well, if so, this breathtaking wedding on the cliffs of the Amalfi coast will touch you to the heart.

I hesitate to give too much-the raw emotion of these great shots should convey everything that needs to be said. But beyond the great photos (when do we publish less awesome wedding photos after all?) it is the stories contained in this real wedding function that really makes us a little teary.

With a touching and romantic love story and moving words from the bride’s sister (who also happens to be the photographer behind these awesome photos!) we are lost dreaming somewhere along the Amalfi coast.


We got married at the Atrani Church on the Amalfi Coast. Atrani is the smallest town in all of Italy, with only 800 inhabitants and the church is awesome – there really is something special inside.

Words of the bride’s sister

“For people who know me, I must say that I am not so good at writing or expressing my thoughts. But I just had to tell in my own words This beautiful story of an unexpected and sweet wedding-my sister’s wedding!

This surprised everyone-we all thought it was too early, especially after very difficult times. But what about the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with? Well, I think my mom and dad couldn’t have asked for better. A big bearded man who, with his giant hands, prepares the best “Alici” mbuttunate” (anchovies stuffed with Mozzarella cheese) in the world.”

“My sister’s request to accompany her to the altar took my breath away. My first immediate answer was “no”. It would have been my father’s job to do it, I didn’t feel in his role. But fortunately, a few days before the big “yes”, I understood That she and I were The soul of my father, and I decided to do it. I have never walked so much in all my life as in these few moments to the altar. What are all the ceremonies I’ve done in recent years for? Nothing! It is such a strong emotion that petrifies and, in my matter, makes you run so fast. Future brides, I promise you that I will never give you recommendations not to go to church!

My sister’s wedding was sweet, romantic, colorful of the September sea in the small church of Atrani. We enjoyed a few days after in the green and sapphire city of Praiano.

To my father and to my mother’s strength.”


We chose my sister Piera + David’s photo studio, because of course it’s the best for me. She really knew how I felt that day and all my feelings.