Gorgeous Green And Pink Chicago Wedding

Winter proposals, winter decor, winter alpacas – we are talking about winter weddings at the moment and today is no exception.

Every time we think of Chicago, we imagine piles of fluffy snow, skating on the lakes and staying warm by the fire – so it’s normal that this wedding in Chicago takes place in the coldest time of the year. Fortunately, there is no shortage of beautiful indoor event spaces in the windy city that will make you forget about the cold weather outside. Brad and Jen may have booked one of the most beautiful wedding venues for their winter wedding – the Chicago Cultural Center.

You’ll see why it was such an easy choice when you browse Clary Pfeiffer’s gorgeous wedding photos. Large ballrooms, incredible art, ornate ceilings and art Deco tiles are the joy of a wedding couple, photographers and planners! The couple’s planner was inspired by the beautiful green and pink rooms and made the natural beauty of the place shine with more complementary shades of curtains and flowers.

The dress and the outfit

Jen and her bridesmaid Kelley visited five bridal shops before finding the perfect dress at Mira Couture. When Jen tried on the dress, she and Kelley began to cry, knowing that their search was over. The winning dress was designed by Netta BenShabu, who had the privilege of meeting Jen in person at her final fitting. To complete her look, Jen wore Jimmy choos and earrings made of diamonds and pearls, which are family heirlooms.

On her wedding day, Jen also wore the Gold wedding Ring of Brad’s great-grandmother, who is over 100 years old. Every bride who is married in this ring has experienced a long and happy marriage. Brad was wearing a custom-made tuxedo that he had designed during a trip abroad with Jen. Because her cute miniature schnauzer Winston could not attend the wedding due to previous commitments, Brad wore Winston’s light sapphire baby necklace around his wrist, which he had on the day Jen and Brad picked him up.

Jen’s bridesmaids wore light gray dresses from Weddington Way. Everyone chose the style of clothing that spoke to him the most. Brad’s groomsmen and bailiffs were all wearing a black tuxedo.


Jen’s bridesmaids included her two stepsisters as well as her childhood best friends in Winter Park, Florida; her first-year roommate; and close friends she met after college when she was living in Washington D.C. His groomsmen and bailiffs consisted of the best friends who met during university, after university in Chicago and during his MBA in Boston.


Jen and Brad were lucky to have a cast of all-star sellers. First and fortunately, they met Michelle Kurinec from Lola Event Productions, who was the best planner they could ask for. She was patient, thoughtful and creative and helped make Jen and Brad’s wedding truly magical. They feel happy to call Michelle a dear friend now.

Shortly after, jen and Brad visited the Chicago Cultural Center, an old historical library located near Millennium Park in Chicago, and immediately fell in love. After weeks of searching, they then selected Clary Pfeiffer and her husband Travis as engagement and wedding photographers. Clary’s reputation precedes her and her photographs exude a timeless beauty that captures the moment exactly as her subjects want to remember. She and Travis form a dream team, and the couple will cherish their photos forever.


After Brad, the wedding party, and Jen’s young niece and nephew found their way into the aisle, a string quartet played “Stand by Me”, while Jen was accompanied by her father. For many of jen and Brad’s 225 wedding guests, it was their first multi-religious wedding. Rabbi Michael Sommer and Father Jef Johnson gathered to preside over a sincere ceremony where the newlyweds exchanged personal vows under a contemporary chuppah studded with ivy greens and blush flowers.


After the ceremony and cocktail, one of Brad’s best friends presented the parents, the wedding party, the parents and the newlyweds, as well as a surprise guest – Jen’s favorite YouTube artist Jordan Haller, who sang a cover version of “Safe and Sound”, while Jen and Brad danced their first dance as a married couple on a shiny black and white checkerboard floor. Jordan then sang “the Same,” a song he and Brad had co-written for Jen that documented the couple’s love story and journey.

Shortly after, the bride, groom and guests enjoyed a spectacular dinner, as well as appetizers prepared earlier in the evening by Jewell Events Catering. After dinner, all the participants danced all night on Lakeshore Encores, one of Chicago’s best wedding bands. When the clock rang midnight, jen and Brad returned to their hotel suite, changed their wedding clothes and went to an after-party organized by close friends and guests.

The Honeymoon

Jen and Brad were lucky enough to travel to two places where they had never been before. They spent five exciting days on a safari at the Mala Mala Private Game Resort in South Africa. After that, they spent six happy days at the Amari Havodda Resort in the Maldives.