Romantic Spanish Wedding In Andalusia

When I think of the Andalusian hills of southern Spain, I immediately imagine romanticism. You know, the way you fall in love with olive groves and Moorish palaces?

Kate and Hugo’s Spanish destination wedding reminds us precisely of this, thanks to the emblematic romantic scenes of the Andalusian countryside. If you opt for an outdoor wedding in Carmen de Los Chapiteles and walk through the gardens and squares of the charming village, your wedding, photographed by Doncel y Alcoba, will be a feast for the eyes.

Apart from the breathtaking location and the whimsical sapphire flowers (wait until you see the ceremony room!) we are especially excited about the cute and refined wedding clothes of the couples. Hugo, who easily distinguished himself as the most striking man in the room, wore a chic and daring ivory tuxedo. Meanwhile, our hearts are boiling for Kate’s beautiful short wedding jacket paired with a romantic lace dress.

The dress and the outfit

For the outfits, we wanted something really classic and elegant, something very distinctive but simple. An elegant white dress that seemed to be made only for Kate was the perfect choice, while Hugo chose an Ivory tuxedo jacket that set him apart.

The Destination & The Decor

We chose Spain first because it was the place where we met, then because there are some of the most beautiful places we have ever seen-especially in Granada. We wanted to do something very sober and elegant, but economical. An environment where we can meet those who are really important to us.

For the decoration, we decided to use green and white as Colors, something that could really reflect a feeling of serenity and purity. For the place, after considering many different options, we chose Carmen de Los Chapiteles, in which we imagined all those perfect moments to live with the family. Our wedding was very international because we had Mexicans, Russians, Spaniards and Latin Americans who met in an Andalusian setting. The flowers matched the style of the event from the entrance, the stairs and the tables, perfectly combined with the breathtaking view from the venue.

Favorite moments

For the ceremony, We had live music. It was a violin playing “our” songs and it was a very special moment. The hosts of the ceremony were his uncle and my father. Since Hugo is Mexican and I am Russian, he said his vows in Russian and I mean in Spanish.

At the reception, our first dance was really special and all my bridesmaids gathered and we made a dance surprise for all our guests.


Mery (our organizer) sent us information about three different photographers. Looking at the works of Doncel and Alcoba, we realized that this is exactly what we needed. Each photo was like a masterpiece that showed all the beauty of the couple and also shared how happy they were. We are very happy that you took such beautiful photos of our special day. Every time I look at her, I feel so happy.


During the ceremony, a modern playlist with violin and piano was played, creating the perfect environment that allowed everyone to feel close and comfortable even on a cold day. During dinner, there were songs for every nationality in the room. On the dance floor, the choice was the same – a mix of songs for everyone to enjoy together.

Tips for other couples

Probably, nothing would have been so great without the love of our families, who helped us with everything and supported us throughout the planning until the day we finally united our lives.

Think about what you really want for this very special day and make every little detail come true! – Romantic advice from Kate.