Ruby Hill Golf Club Wedding Photo Ideas

If you are a bride or groom looking for fun portrait ideas for you, your love and your bridal party, boy – offer this Bay area wedding!

Jessica and Marco worked hard to plan their own wedding at the Club at Ruby Hill (bride Jessica has so many wise tips at the end of this post) and the results are so professional! If you choose a timeless and elegant color palette of sapphire and gold and pay attention to every detail that really matters and that spoke to you as a couple, your well-designed day will be perfect.

And a lot of recognition is due to his photographer Eric Doolin, who clearly knows how to create Wedding Photomagy. With many great poses and ideas for bridal party photos, couple portraits and using your golf course, this Gallery is full of fun inspirations for couples who want to give their photographer a “shot list”. The best part is that no frame seems too posed or dummy-just look at Jessica’s gorgeous bridal smile!

Planning And Style

Our marriage was true of who we are as a couple. The decisions and the details were made (most of the time) together, and if something didn’t feel like a reflection of us, then the Cut didn’t succeed.

We chose sapphire as the main color with some golden accents, because it is elegant and timeless. We wanted simple and pastel flowers, elegant but not exaggerated. Most of the decorations and paper items were handmade or designed by us, which contributed to everything matching perfectly.


The ceremony was led by our best friend, who has watched us grow as a couple over the years and beautifully presented our narrative by telling how our friends and family see our relationship. We paid to our two cultures by having our mothers read poems about love and devotion in Mandarin and Spanish. Our self-written vows were personal and emotional, sincere about how we promise to love and respect each other throughout the marriage, in sickness and in health. The music we chose for the ceremony and reception also helped to create an atmosphere of love and happiness without being too cheesy.


We love Eric’s style and color scheme and found that his work reflected the feeling and atmosphere we wanted for our wedding. He is able to capture the best of every Moment through his snapshots, and his editing gives each image a feeling of warm romanticism. The lighting is also perfect to create that soft and magical feeling. We had several meetings before the big day to make sure we were on the same page when it came to the recordings we wanted to record.

Eugene’s videographic style has a modern and well-trained touch while remaining timeless. His ability to bring key moments to life throughout the day and create a sense of wonder with each Edit is impeccable.

Favorite moments

Although none of us are dancers, we decided to choreograph our first dance! We spent countless hours finding YouTube videos and putting together different movements that we liked and adapting them by train to our song “Marry Me”. It was the last thing we finished for the wedding, which was very stressful, but so rewarding when we did it, including a fall in confidence in which I would close my eyes, step back and he would catch me – every time.

First dance aside, our uncle’s family helped to make our welcome sign and our wooden guestbook that he cut, shaped and polished, they are beautiful time capsules and pieces that we will cherish forever. We also loved our sparkler outing, which amused us and our guests!

Tips for other couples

While you may want all the bells and whistles, keep it simple and only pick up as many as you can chew. The same applies to budgeting – if you want everything, be prepared to spend it. If not, find out what you are willing to compromise on compared to what is a must. Look for different suppliers and pay attention to your Budget. Get offers and research the questions you need to ask certain providers and the services covered.

Another important part of wedding planning is managing expectations and setting deadlines – who will do what and until when? How much do you plan in relation to your partner? How involved do you want your family to be in decision-making? Before the big day, make sure to identify at least a few close friends or family members (or a coordinator for the wedding day, we strongly recommend that you have a contact) who knows all the details of the day-what is the schedule, who the vendors are and that you know their responsibilities, where the decorations should be, etc., so that you can focus on enjoying your big day and not stress about the little things. Wedding planning is a great business, but it’s so rewarding when everything comes together according to your Vision. You, you!


We went to Hawaii-Oahu and Maui – for two weeks after our wedding, which was so relaxing after a year of wedding planning and a week of wedding scare. It was so nice to climb up after the wedding and enjoy the time alone as a married couple, and let that be felt! We recommend going to a relaxed place so as not to rush too much from place to place, especially since the wedding week is so hectic. Don’t forget that during the wedding planning, you must allow time to plan your honeymoon too!