Spiritual Author Breathtaking Hawaiian Wedding

We feel quite zen on this beautiful Friday morning thanks to our spiritual Sahara Rose bridal guide who spoils us for their stunning wedding on the Hawaiian beach.

On a beach below the lush cliffs and jungles of Oahu, Sahara & Steven hosted a stunning multicultural wedding of epic proportions. The celebrations, which celebrated their own Christian and Persian origins while embracing the beautiful Hawaiian traditions, were vibrant, varied, colorful and so unique.

The guests were spoiled by a picturesque boat trip to Secret Island Beach (you may remember some scenes from Jurassic Park!) where they were greeted by hula dancers, incredible views, kombucha mocktails (yes, please!) and three different ceremonies, one as special as the other.

After admiring the pretty scenes, boho dresses and colorful flowers, you can learn more about your beautiful day on the Sahara podcast!

Wedding Day Style

What happens when a spiritual guru marries a music magnate in Jurassic Park who crosses Persian, Arabic and Hawaiian culture? This colorful, cultural and extremely authentic wedding. Bestselling author and podcast host Sahara Rose and music director Steven Haddad created a wedding experience that infused the ancient culture with percussion, dance, music, poetry, bachata dance and more.

Favorite moments

Every ounce of the wedding was completely us, from the fact that we STARTED the reception with hardcore Arabic dances and silver showers, to raw vegan desserts, shamanic celebration, kombucha cocktails and twerking, to bachata dancing.


Guests were taken to Jurassic Park (literally where the film was shot) to receive a welcome cocktail (non-alcoholic kombucha with edible flowers for the conscious Sahara crew) and taken by boat to Secret Island Beach, where hula dancers were waiting. There they experienced three different ceremonies: Christian, Hawaiian and Persian.

The guests returned by boat to the beautiful MoLi’I Gardens, where they followed a night of Arabic dancing, silver showers, the newlyweds thrown on chairs, a surprise dance of bachata by the newlyweds and the most laughter, twerk and cuddling they have ever seen in a wedding.


I loved Joseph Esser’s light, airy aesthetics and the fact that he is a “MerMan” and filmed an underwater wedding with us!

Advice For other couples

My best advice is to do the wedding YOURSELF. Set extra time for details. Organize your own playlist. Choose your own stream from the evenings. Be yourself. It is the unique personalities and the love story of you and your partner that make the evening special.

My other advice comes from OUTKAST’s words: You can plan a nice picnic, but you can’t predict the weather. I almost did not manage to get to my wedding, because the transport forgot to pick me up and struggled with the driver, who refused to take me with him. And the show must go on! Even with all the details I have planned, I could not have predicted this and things will go wrong at your wedding – but you can choose how long you will linger on it.


We spent two weeks on an almost deserted island of Fiji shortly after that, which I would highly recommend to debrief, reconnect and really think about everything that just happened, and set the tone for the rest of your wedding!

This wedding fully reflects the free-spirited, fun and authentic nature of the newlyweds and there really is no wedding like this. Listen to how the bride almost did not come to the wedding in episode 202 of the Highest Self podcast.