Sweetest Backyard Wedding Impressive DIYs

Are you ready for some really impressive DIY?

The wedding in the courtyard of Janey and Eric, getting married under the tree in which they were engaged, is filled to the brim with creative details, personal touches and presents one of the most awesome DIY altars to dateā€¦

As many of us know, it takes a lot of help from family and friends to make so many personal and handmade decorations and details on the wedding day. Janey and Eric were pampered with the help of an incredible team of talents!

From the cake to the flowers to the incredible wooden altar that towered over her ceremonial alley (made by the father of the bride!)- the day of your wedding was filled with creations of your loved ones .


I wanted the ceremony to be rustic with roses and bright white, I thought that the tree and arbor that my father had made spoke for themselves and did not need to put on too much. I wanted the ceremony to be bright and fun while balancing the personalities of Eric and me. A little country and a little glam.

The dress and the outfit

I wanted to let my bridesmaids choose their own dresses, keeping only the shades of blush and they did it incredibly! It was important for me to make them comfortable and beautiful in what they were wearing. It worked wonderfully. The dresses for the bride and groom were personalized by Men’s Warehouse.

Important Details

Photography! Always flaunt your photos! It’s so nice to be able to look back to remember memories and hard work!

Favorite moments

As soon as we sat at our main table, there was a time when we both looked around and had an overwhelming moment of gratitude that we all had our family and friends with us. You could feel the love in this tent that is really magical when it hits you. All the hard work is paying off.