Vietnamese American Wedding Overlooking

City chic in Arkansas? Yes, you heard it here first lovelies and oh, this little rock wedding is fabulous.

With darker flowers, red splashes and spectacular photographs taken in LAYERS, Christan & Marc’s Vietnamese-American wedding is still so romantic. The whole celebration mixed ancient traditions with modern fashion. Starting with her Vietnamese tea ceremony in the afternoon, Christan put on a beautiful personalized Vietnamese dress made modern thanks to a dramatic train and a beautiful helmet.

For their western ceremony, the Little Rock couple showed how chic Arkansas can be thanks to a chic ballroom overlooking Little Rock. In front of the windows with a 360-degree view and a circular altar of lush greenery, the stylish couple and their friends (seriously – wait to see the fashion of the guests!) celebrated all night.

Wedding ceremonies and style

We had two parts of our marriage. For the afternoon tea ceremony, we tried to keep the traditional Vietnamese things, but it was definitely a more modern version. The evening wedding had a romantic atmosphere with the darker flowers of the bouquets, the greenery, the golden elements and the candelabra.

The dress and the outfit

For my wedding dress, I loved the way the sequins glittered. It was not like any dress I had tried on, and I liked it. I also thought that it would be nice in the evening. My Vietnamese wedding dress was bought online and made in Vietnam, so I couldn’t even try it before it arrived. It is completely custom-made, so it fits very well. I liked the bright red with the longer train and the top. Marc decided to rent from the BLACK Tux as he had a good previous experience and the quality was pleasant.

I wore my grandmother’s pearl necklace, necklace clamp and earrings for the tea ceremony and then the earrings for the ceremony. The tea ceremony had traditional elements, but was definitely a modern catch.

Favorite moments

My mother led me down the stairs to the tea ceremony with everyone waiting, it was overwhelming, but so special. The family’s advice during the tea ceremony was filled with so much love. When my dad walked down the aisle at the wedding ceremony and saw all of our family and friends smiling at me in return, I felt so supported and grateful.

The most memorable, however, was when Marc and I took our vows. We have already experienced so much together, and it was just incredible and very moving to make the official commitment in front of family and friends.


For the tea ceremony, the family helped the day before and the day I enjoyed so much. For the wedding, I wanted darker flowers, green, white and pink for my bouquet, and then a lot of greenery for the reception. Brussels sprouts helped me a lot, because I really did not know what I wanted.


PattiCakes makes a wonderful lemon cake, and I love lemon cake. For the decoration on the cake, I just wanted a white or cream glaze with flowers similar to my bouquet. They gave me ideas on how to place the flowers, but I trusted them to do what they thought was best.

The Honeymoon
We went to Grand Cayman and snorkel almost every day (we both love sea life).