Virginia Elegant Countryside Wedding

Why endure the dark wet rains of winter? To prepare for lush spring garden weddings, of course!

Today we are (virtually) taking a walk in the Virginia countryside to remember all the beautiful elegant garden weddings we have in a few months.

High school girls Lisa and Matthew know romance. The two started their young love on the school bus with a song written from the heart (so sweet!) and as they say “the rest is history”. It is not surprising that the two classic lovebirds understood how simple and organic beauty can fill your wedding day with romance.

Choosing a naturally beautiful place in the hills of Virginia and embellishing your space with a simple green and bright details, your true love radiated through the elegant and sober decor. Photographed by Morgan Renee in a dreamy art style, we dream of all the sweet garden weddings in 2020.


After getting engaged, we started looking for a place. The Grelen Market was the only place we visited, because as soon as we arrived, we knew that our wedding was to take place there. From the view of the mountains to the beautiful property itself, we immediately fell in love. We had always imagined getting married in a place that looked exceptionally romantic and had a garden feeling, and the Grelen Market perfectly embodied our Vision.

The changing shades of light pink, rustic elements and lush greenery made my fairytale wedding dreams come true. I also insisted on having a treasure table separate from our wedding celebrations and our guests so that Matthew and I could spend little moments alone throughout the reception.

Photography And Videography

Shortly after booking the venue, we started booking our vendors. Photography and videography were the area that Matthew and I wanted to invest most of our budget in, because these are the elements that they will keep for the rest of their lives.

Morgan, our photographer, was just perfect. Often I go through our wedding photo gallery and I am moved by how she was able to capture our day so perfectly. I like the way she pays attention to the smallest details. A good example of this is a photo she took before the wedding started of a small butterfly on one of the ceremony chairs. Integrating a small detail like this was exactly the reason why we chose it!

Our videographer Sam from ByDesign Films was also exceptional. He recorded every moment quietly in the background, recording all the little details and crazy dance moves during the reception!

Favorite moments

Lisa’s favorite moment of the day was walking down the aisle with her mom:

I had imagined this Moment for so long, holding hands with my mother, as I walked towards the love of my life. It was very emotional! Seeing Matthew shed a few happy tears at the end of the aisle will be a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Matthew’s favorite moment of the day was our big sparkler outing:

It was my favorite moment because everyone we love and care about so much was in the same place and encouraged Lisa and me when we started the rest of our life as husband and wife! It is a feeling of love and happiness so strong that I hope I will never forget it!


In retrospect, there is nothing we would change that day. In our eyes, everything we can say was perfect. The decor, the weather, the food, everything. It was easy too. We didn’t want too much exaggerated decor, because Matthew and I are not like that. Having our wedding in a place as beautiful as the Grelen Market did not make the Decor absolutely necessary for us, because the place is already surrounded by greenery and lush flowers.

Tips for other couples

For couples planning their big day, we have only a few tips: the first is to book your venue and your vendors early! Waiting until the last Minute with anything is never good, but especially with wedding planning. Suppliers can be booked up to two years in advance. So if you find your venue and book your suppliers right after, this is a sure way to reduce stress early!

Secondly, you might think that you have a Plan for how the day will turn out, but most likely, not everything will go according to plan. It may be that you are running out of something or the weather is changing, but keep your mood up! It’s the best day of your life! Your guests are only there to see you and your partner make a lifetime promise to you and celebrate with you, believe me, you won’t know that something has gone wrong!


Matthew and I decided to postpone the honeymoon, mainly due to work restrictions, but we are glad that we made this decision. As traditional as it is to go straight to heaven after the wedding, sometimes it is simply not feasible, because work or flights are very expensive at this time of year. By postponing the honeymoon and postponing a few months after the wedding, Matthew and I can plan a fantastic trip to a place where we can relax and not have to worry or hurry back to work quickly. In addition, it is exciting to anticipate something after the wedding, because the post-wedding sapphires are sometimes difficult!